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Originally Posted by chuck92 View Post
i just think it funny how some people spend money on things that a properly working i did the same thing i checked every thing and i replaced the crank sensor and it fires up every time
At the risk of starting a flame, the difference is that the basics were ruled out before replacing the CKP sensor.

The forums are full of ppl who have cars that won't start. Replace the fuel pump. Still won't start. Open thread. Find out it was a PATS issue all along.

There are numerious no-start posts where the problem turns out to be battery cable corrosion.

Blown fuse is also high on the list. Especially after an exhaust or radio install.

So what would you say to that person after they went straight to replacing the CKP sensor?

When someone opens a tech thread, the only information we have to go on is what is posted in the tread. This sets in motion a series of questions/answers to narrow down where the problem might be. Trouble shooting is a process.

Skip the trouble shooting and become a "parts changer".

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