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overdive on or off

is it bad to leave your car on overdrive? my car has a minor problem it vibrates and hesitates at low rpm from 10-15 then 40-50 w/e im taking it to a mustng specialist machanic that i have finally found next week but for now i leave it on overdrive. it runs a lot better on overdrive no shaking rides smooth and fast. is it bad for the engine cuz it drives at higher rpm when i floor it it shifts gears at like 7000 rpm am i pushing the car too much it has 137,000 miles on it its auto. also when is over drive on . is it when the green light is on saying overdrive off which to me i think it is on cuz dats when it drives at high rpm or is it when there is no light is on? some one told me it was when the light was on.

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