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Originally Posted by a_guerrajr View Post
Hey Fellas

I'm new to Mustangs, and even new to FORD. So excuse my ignorance.

So anyways, I have a 2011 Mustang. Came equipped with the Electronics Package ( NAV/HDD ) and the Shaker 500!!!
So the first part is, what exactly does Shaker 500 mean? What does that include or provide? I assume its a level up from base trim, but what do I get with that?

Second question is, after finding out what Shaker 500 consists of? What are my best options to upgrade the speakers? I'm not looking to go all out THUMPING DOWN THE BLOCK, I just want nicer sound inside the cabin. I'm just not sure what to replace and size of current speakers and so forth.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Once I get some help with this i'll probably hit up Crutchfield for brands etc...
Hi -
i am in the same boat as you, i want to upgrade my speakers on my Shaker 500, but keep the factory HU, and the door "subs". So that leaves me with the front door panel and rear deck speakers (5"x7"). I just purchased 2 pairs of MB Quarts, but they are rather inefficient at 88db, so i will place them on eBay and go with a more efficient pair at more than 90 to 91 db. The higher the number on db, the more efficient (or louder) the speaker will play with lower AMP outputs. Factory AMPs tend to be lower powered so get more efficient speakers. But if you have a chance to audition them, at a shop or stereo specialist store ,do so. Always what sounds best to YOU not to the salesperson, which may have an incentive to push a certain brand. Also, listen to music you are familiar with (take your CDs'). Speakers are the hardest components to choose, but you can trust your ears. Good luck!!!

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