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Originally Posted by MDfive21 View Post
no it's wired like your average stereo.. just wires going back the the factory 6x9s

are the stock speakers anything special? on the back of the magnet they say they're 25W and the ones i have are rated 60W, so i'm leaning toward switching them. i guess i'm just worried that there's some special synergy relationship between the head unit and speakers. thoughts?
I would doubt there is any relationship between the stereo and the speakers. not sure on the mach stereo's but I know that in the older Dodge cars with the Infinity stereo each speaker has a built on amplifier. so that would be something to check for. otherwise, if its just pos and neg, shouldn't be any problem swapping them out.

I'm about to swap out 2 6x9's in the rear dash for some 8" woofers, 2 mids and 2 tweeters. Should be an interesting custom mod.

I wonder if I can custom mod the doors to fit 6x9's hmmm *scratches head*
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