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2001 Mustang Custom Paint Job Idea

Hi all again,
I have a 2001 V6 5-Speed Mustang that I cherrish like nothing else. A few months ago I had a fender bender that was both our faults and for insurance reasons I didn't report it so it's up to me to fix the $520 worth of damage. This includes sanding down the bumper and repainting it since it only took the paint off no other damage.

My question to anyone who can answer this is what do you think it would cost me to just repaint the entire car. I have a few paint chips on my hood and that's about it. I was thinking about starting off with it as the same color it is now (zinc yellow) and halfway around midway of the doors fade it to black. I can't find any pictures close to what I want to do but it would kind of fade at an angle, semi like this slash symbol / and then continue black to the bumper.

I would just like to know if anyone has any other opinions of what they think should be done and what it would cost to get done?


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