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Originally Posted by metalman302 View Post
FYI to you guys, if you use a CAI which leaves the MAF in the engine bay, but puts the filter in the fender, you are changing the reading your MAF will see. This is FACT. You are changing the velocity of the air as it passes by the meter.

Look at C&L's page here with airflow vs voltage tests with different filter setups:
How a Mass Air Flow Sensor Works

It shows that on foxbodies, the factory panel filter airbox is equivalent to a fenderwell CAI. Then it shows that putting a cone filter directly on the MAF will lean out the AFR by 10% to 15%. So it our case, we already have factory cone filter on the MAF. If we move the filter away from the MAF (fenderwell), we would be doing the inverse of the above example, and richening the car.

Maybe for some people this may add some power, maybe some subtract. Maybe stay the same. Might be a slight mileage decrease with being richer. Every car with different mods would be different. Maybe you like the look and you don't car if you loose a few horse.

Just food for thought. That is all.
That is correct. However, our vehicles also have the capability to adjust A/F by monitoring the O2 sensors. This is not the old Foxbody technology. That's why we tell everyone to disconnect the battery when first installing a CAI unit. It will be different, but still within the parameters of the computer to adjust A/F........

It is a good article, and good reading for anyone who seeks more knowledge......

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