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Originally Posted by starbai View Post
I will report back on this thread in the next few days.

I've ordered 2 pairs of Alpine 5x7 Type-R speakers. Will be replacing my door and rear shelf speakers.

I'll be leaving the factory 8" Shaker 500 subs alone.

I have an Alpine Type R 12" sub and and mono amp that I have from my previous car that I'm going to try to some how incorporate into stock headunit.

I've been told the headunit DOES provide a subwoofer output. What I'm trying to figure out is how to utilize that stock subwoofer output and convert it into RCA for my amp to utilize it.

In addition, I want to figure out if that will negatively effect the factory 2 subwoofers, as I'd like to not have to lose them.

The 5x7's will be happening within the next week.

The amp/sub will take a bit more work research so I'll report back on that as well once I've figure it out.
I'm very interested to hear about this subwoofer output. Where did you hear this from?
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