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Unhappy Baby Pony Brake Light Switch and Shift Lock Actuator problems

I have been dealing with an issue involving the brake light switch and shift lock actuator. A little history first. About 4 months ago I lost all my brake lights and got a ticket in the process. I located a changed the blown fuse and thought my problem was fixed. Unfortunately that was just the beginning. So, I made some calls and the consensus was a short in the wiring. Being an average Do-it Yourself'er, I began the task of what was to become a learning process. With the 2003 Mustang 3.8L in pieces and after 5 hours of testing wires, bulbs, switches and connections, I located the cause. The brake switch fuse had blown, but in my owners manual it is referred to as the shift lock actuator. I replace the fuse, issue solved. Last night I find that my brake lights are out once again. Thinking I know where the problem lies, I start with the fuses. Not so quick say's the car gods. I find that the pigtail connector for the brake switch is melted and you know that's not good. I do the jumper thing on the switch and it works. I get in the car and now I can't move the gear shifter out of park, with or without my foot on the brake. I replaced the switch today with a new one and I still have the problem. Can't get it out of park, I have no brake lights again and no power windows either. Any help with this issue would be helpful and appreciated.

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