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thowing code (cleared) now rough idle

so i was at school today and im at lincoln tech for auto body
we are in the fuel systems section of our course and i decided i wanted to clean my fuel injectors during class. we have the actual system that is connected to the shrader valve on the fuel rails.
I did everything my teacher told me to with pulling the fuse and running it out of the shrader valve. I threw a code which im assuming its for the fuel pump (p1233) because i ran it with the fuse out. well after i finished it all up, i disconnected the cleaning system and put everything back to the way it was...i cleared the code and it has not come back on but now it will idle fine around 700 (like it usualy does) then drop to 400 then kick back up and keep going. it will do this within 30sec intervals (guess)
any ideas what this could be?
(i used seafoam for the cleaner)

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