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Originally Posted by Derfdog15 View Post
I recently got a set of older cobra R replicas of a friend for $75 bucks with tires mounted/balanced. However the rears are somewhat worn and need to be replaced imo. They are 17x9.5's but have 225/40/r17's is that right i thought it should be more like 290 or something. also the fronts are 17x9's and have 225/35/r17/s again i thought those were supposed to be 275/45/17's

I was just wondering if the tires on my rims are the correct size(i dont feel that they are, the car dropped about 2-5 inches from swappin rims from my 16's)

if these tires are wrong can you please hook me up with the correct sizes, thanks!
There are no 9.5" 95 cobra R rims that I have ever heard of. How are you sure? I did you look at the info cast on the inside of the wheel that says the diameter, width, and offset?

Most shops will not install anything under a 235 on a 9" rim as it would be outside the mfr's specs for the tire. I tried 235/45 on a 9" rim and it looked like poop with the tire more narrow than the rim. However for some reason ricers like this look.

A good size for 8 or 9" fronts is 245/45 17. Whoever said 270 for the fronts is mistaken, they would rub a lot and decrease your turn radius.

For the rear, if 9" and you want wider than the fronts, a 275/40 is max and looks and performs good. On a 10.5" rim it's 275/40 min and 315/35 max with the max looking like a far better.

I think anytime you go with a minimun size, the rim edge will stick out and look like poop.

You can get this tire info you asked about by call discount tire or to search online for the OD of any particular size of tire aspect ratio. just saying.
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