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Originally Posted by Docker View Post
Are you blowing any white smoke out the tail pipe?
The diesel sould can be more then one thing, EGR, Walking crank, valves,lifters, is it really loud? Have you lost hoursepower at all?
being you have heat I would say your heater core is fine, but these V6 3.8L engines are very popular for head gasket problems.
I'm not blowing any white smoke, but I read somewhere that it doesn't need to either for that same problem to be there. I do smell something sweet, so I think it is burning somewhere.

It's not VERY loud. It's about as loud as this: YouTube - 99 Cobra Knocking .

Maybe a little louder, but not much. It gets faster paced upon acceleration. And, as I said, it usually stops before 15-20 minutes of drive time.

@Metalman302: My apologies for not answering your questions.
Yes I have been loosing coolant. I even see a very small amount (less than a teaspoon) right under my alternator on a certain piece (forgot what it was at the moment, and not near my car). I have not checked if there is oil in my water or vice versa. I thought I would be having a lot more problems if that were the case. I don't smell oil or anything. I do smell coolant, though. I have checked my coolant.

On a side-note, I contacted a mechanic that does work off-site and he said that he would install an engine that I have (so I would buy the engine), and in addition to that he would install a new radiator, water pump, thermostat, antifreeze, spark plugs, plug wires, oil & filter for 1,300 dollars. If I used the engine he has, which has 76k miles on it, he said it would be 2,000 dollars.

^Does that sound good? I plan to provide him a '99 and have him split-port it, but I will also have to buy the other parts as well then. It doesn't take any more additional time really to make it a split-port, does it? Any other parts I need besides a fuel injector?

Thanks for your help and your patience.
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