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Originally Posted by metalman302 View Post
Pedals - will work but they are slightly different - booster rod is slightly different height. Better to find 94 95 pedals if you can.
Harness - The V6 are different. You can modify your aode harness if you can read schematics.
T5 - Yes if you swap to the 94 95 bell. A fox bell will not work because the input shafts are longer on sn95. The sn95 V6 trans is rated slightly less than the 94 95 GT. It is 265ft lbs vs the GT 300 ft lbs. The 89 and earlier fox 5.0 T5 were only 265 ft lbs as well.
Thanks for the help, how about the crossmember can i use the one from the v6 or the one i have on my auto transmission? also how about the drive shaft, and can i use the flywheel and clutch from the v6.
Thanks for the help
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