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Just a couple things:

You cannot use the V6 flywheel on a 94-95 GT. The weights are different. and the V6 uses an 11" clutch, not a 10.5" like the GT's. You also need a pilot bearing, fork, cable, quadrant, throw out bearing, clutch, shifter, pedals, and some wiring of the harness. An AODE/4R70W yoke will not fit into the back of the T5. You will need a front yoke. You also canot use the 3.8 bellhousing. It will hit the exhaust/starter on the passenger's side, and not allow you to install the starter. The AODE crossmember can be modified to fit your T5. It will actually sit back almost 3", so you can take your crossmember out, and put it behind the last bracket, and screw it together there. We have done it, and it holds just fine......

We can find you one if you need it. I have sent a T5 swap kit over to Norway for a customer a couple months ago.....

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