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Originally Posted by cobraguy_95 View Post
I've actually considered doing a 5spd swap because i would much prefer it to be a manual transmission, though from what I have read you myswell buy a 5spd car for how much it costs.
LOL not even close. This should be accurate for mine. BTW if you can change a clutch you can do this swap. No fab required.

T5 with bell and fork - Used w warranty 115k miles - from LKQ $425
- if you are lucky enough to find one at the u-pull it the cost is about $125 but condition is a gamble
Clutch cable - had already
Computer - U pull it - $30
Flywheel & bolts - U pull it (surface looked nice still) $30
Pedals - U pull it - $15
Lower shift boot - made one with a truck inner tube lol
Upper shift boot - New ford racing cobra leather carbon fiber $45
Shifter bezel - Re-used my old one
Clutch Kit - New OEM style replacement w throwout and pilot bearings - parts store - $160
Transmission harness - modified my old one
Shift knob - stock - had a spare
Fluid - $15?

Total = $720

Sold non-working AODE core +$25
Sold AODE EEC on ebay +$80

Net total = $615

This will vary depending on what you get new, or used from the junkyard or craigslist etc.

The syptoms you describe I do remember my car doing it a few times randomly with the AODE. Eventually mine threw a CEL and started shifing around 1000 rpm higher than before at part throttle. A few hundred miles later it went completely out.

I'm guessing you already tried changing the fluid? I googled these AODEs the other day and one result was a "fix kit" for several known problems with these transmissions. They were internal parts. As you know, internal auto trans repairs are usually very expensive.
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