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I'm not exactly following.

There is sometimes condensation that can develop in oil in trace amounts, but it usually evaporates when the engine gets to operating temperature. If you are seeing water in the oil, that's probably not what's going on.

Are you experiencing this in very cold weather? I remember that last winter my Ridgeline had some type of antifreeze leak, but it only did it when it was extremely cold outside and before the truck was at full operating temperature. I would start it every morning to let it warm up, and when I would go back out to go to work, I could smell the antifreeze. I spent hours looking for the leak. I even put it on a lift to look for it. Water never got in the oil though. I never did find where it was coming from either. It would loose the contents of the reservoir over the course of a 7,000 mile or so oil change interval. In the spring it quit, and it didn't return this winter. Still a freakin mystery.
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