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Originally Posted by Silver J View Post
OK please explain. I'm one for learning (as long as you can teach it).
:hihi: LOL

Thanks for the chart, Silver J... Easy how one can start to doubt when you read all this stuff on exhausts and the right sizes... pretty much why i went for single setup - don't have no cats :smoke:

i must say it made my car rev easier without having to step down on it so much. on highway speeds i hardly have to touch the throttle. and when i do its quicker to respond and shift.

I never plan making it into a racecar, would rather just have it driving the best it can, low and high speeds...

I know the "v6 sound" gets stamped on quickly, with the focus being on making it sound as much like a v8 as possible, but i must admit i am enjoying the exhaust note from the single...clean and like a big motor compared to most other v6's i have heard... a lot different from the h pipe but it has a distinct v6 rumble...

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