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2001 Mustang V6 Air Conditioning Issue - Pressure Relief Valve

My son recently wrecked his 2001 V6 Mustang. I replaced the condenser with a new one, hooked everything back up and added 3 ounces of Pag oil to it via the low pressure ac port. I then took it to a mechanic to have the system evacuated and recharged.
Evacuating the system went fine but when he did a dye pressure test the mini pressure relief valve part 19D644 behind the ac compressor where it attaches to the accumulator hose started leaking.
Needless to say, they had to stop charging the system. I ordered a new valve which should be here in a couple of days. Does anyone know if these just fail? Could me adding the PAG oil have done it or did the mechanic do something wrong?
Good news it's a $10.00 part. I just hope it's not a symptom of something else. Any guidance would be appreciated before I install the new one and have the system evacuated and charged again.

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