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2001 V6 Mustang-Ignition Key Programming

We have only one ignition key for our 2001 Mustang V6. I was just looking on an ebay site and a company there said you can program a duplicate key following these instructions:

ad duplicate key:
1. Put the current key into the ignition.
2. Turn the ignition ON and back to OFF.
3. Remove the current key and insert the new key,
turning it ON. You MUST do this within 15 seconds.
4. The security light will switch on for two seconds,
confirming that the key has been successfully
programmed into
the vehicle.

I thought you had to take the car to a Ford dealer to have them programmed. Plus if you have only one key you'd have to buy two more. Has anyone tried and been successful with this? If yes, it would be alot cheaper to have them cut by a locksmith and programmed myself. They listed our 2001 as compatible? Scam or or do they know something I don't?

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