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1983 Ford Mustang GLX Ignition Control Module Questions

My name is Josh. Recently I found a sweet deal and I had to buy it. It is a 1983 Ford mustang Convertible GLX. It is the V6 with a 3.8l engine. The car is in mint shape as it was garaged for 10 years. It only has 36,000 miles on it. So i am looking to do some engine work on it, undercoating and some other cosmetic things to make it really look sharp. The car ran for 10 months after I bought it , then I started havign electrical problems with it. So I took it to a friend of mine who said it was the Ignition Control module. So I replaced it- making a cardinal mistake for me- I didn't take pics of it or record the gramin on the back or part numbers. So now I have a car that wants to start but doesn not have the kick to get it over the hump. Ever new Ignition contol mode I have tried to use does not work and I will tell you why. The wiring harness has three pig tails going to the control mod one with 2 wires, one with 3 wires and one with 4 wires.
It is impossible to find an ignition control mod with the same set up. Ford, CJ Pony and local mechanics are saying the one the book shows for this car is one with 2 pig tails.
I did recently find one with three pigtails and the one with 4 wires fit right, the one with 3 wires fit right but the one with two wires (a red and white) when you go to plug it in it fits but the wires are now crossed. The white is lined up with the red and visa vera. So what is going on here?
Can anyone tell me the original part number for the ignition control mod? Why is everyone sayign the one for this car has only 2 pigtails on it yet my wiring set up has three?
I can send pics if anyone is wondering what I am talking about.
I would really like to get this car on the road so I can do more work on it but it will just not start!!!
Also does someone out here has a diagram or how to take about the steering column so I can replace the steering column lock gear???



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