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VAP Auto Intake Spacer:
VAP Auto - Intake Spacers

It took me two hours to install an cost me $117 shipped. The install was easy if you keep everything organized. The only part that you may need to borrow is a torque wrench. I borrowed one from my dad.
Basically it is two hours to get about 5hp and 7lb-ft. You can really feel the torque down low. This won't give you a whole lot of upper RPM power but, it does add a lot to practical power that you will use every day.
It lengthens the intake runners for lower RPM power and torque but it really shines at keeping the upper intake cooler. After an hour of driving, the intake is usually HOT to the touch (enough to be uncomfortable). After the spacer, the upper gets warm, but no where near as hot. Cooler intake=cooler air=denser air=more power.

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