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1995 Mustang ...Engine Issues?

Sorry if the title seems ambiguous, I couldn't think of a proper identifier for the problem. "Engine dumping" or "transmission dumping" don't seem exactly right.

I just recently bought a 95 mustang from someone who didn't keep up with maintenance on the vehicle at all. The odometer doesn't work, the speedometer reads the wrong speed (not sure how fast i'm going at all to be honest), the transmission was shot, and it's leaking antifreeze from who knows where.

Anyway, to start I need to point out the issues I was having with the transmission before I replaced it. The main issue was that it was slipping once the car got into overdrive, so I would have to turn off o/d just to be able to drive it safely. The other issue, which is the issue i'm still having is that the transition from the 1st gear to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd acts weird. Once it transitions to 2nd or 3rd gear it does it normally, then the engine sort of dumps on me almost like it lost more rpms than it was supposed to, however it doesn't show it on the dash.

Well, I replaced the transmission with a 96 thunderbird transmission that I got from a junkyard. I also replaced the drive shaft with that of a 93 mustang because the bell on the old one was cracked. The junkyard didn't have the linkage for the new transmission so I had to makeshift me one, which totally screws up the alignment on it so now my drive locks in in the 2nd gear position on the shifter (no big deal). Regardless, not to go off topic, but the same issue I had before I switched out transmission's is still happening with this one, so i'm wondering if this is an engine issue?

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