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Originally Posted by Ragnar View Post
Hard to beat a lab. I had 3 of them as a kid. Mine were black but I really like the yellow labs. I hear the greyhounds are good. My dog is part Jack Russell and part pointer. They initially told us she was part beagle instead of pointer and wouldn't get over 15 - 20 pounds. She 35 now. Got web feet too. Loves the snow and water. I'm training her for upland hunting. She's a sweet heart and will lick you to death if you let her.
LOL, that's funny stuff. I really don't hunt anymore, but still go to range. I used to train my golden retrievers out in the river here w/ the 22 cal duck trainers. What a blast that was.
I find the labs much easier to maintain compared to goldens. Guido's mate Bella, was put down about a year ago. She would always sneak up on you if you were bending over doing something and give you a big wet lick. Sometimes not so pleasant if she found some dead fish or whatever clams she dug up. She was a fish and clam eating beast!!!

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