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Long tube headers are more of a scavaenging type where the headers are such that they help suck in more air and fuel into the cylinders and these are great for added torq and mid to high RPM. The size of each tube says more towards the range you want the power most on. Large 2 inch tubes would be for high rpm and medium tufa 1.75 inch would be great mid to hi range rpm power. The ceramic does help in keeping th eheat in the headers and also helps get the O2 sensors that you relocate to heat up better. They need 600 degrees to operate. Many people because of todays 02 sensors and cats go with shorty headers and get addedpower and stay within the emissions. The choice is up to you. The long tube are the better power maker and they do allow more power with new mods as you go along. Hope this explains some of the things more for you.
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