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Originally Posted by hHOTMustangassa View Post
Hi, I have a question regarding 2000 mustang. I have a 2000 V6 (3.8) mustang automatic and I recently take out my engine and transmission complete as one piece and I install a 2004 mustang automatic engine and transmission complete as one piece and the engine size is (3.8). So they both have same engine size, but do I need to change the computer as well?? I am using my 2000 Mustang v6 computer right now. It is giving some problem, like the engine light is on for the collant sensor light. and when drive, it doesnt have power and instead of rpm gauge going up , the speed gauge is going way high where the car is very slow. I used the 2004 engine harnesses also. If any body can guide me about what should I do. I would really appreciate your help. I did this swap because my previous tranny was going bad and I thought it would be cheaper this way and I found a good engine with very low mileage.

I'm not sure why you swapped the entire engine just for the transmissions?

Use the 2000 wiring harness, and computer.... You don't need the 2004 harness.

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