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The install is not all that bad, the drivers side is easy as u just undo steering shaft and slide it out of way, the hardest part on that side is the dang oil dipstick tube going back in, had to undo master cylinder and raise it out of way to get it to slide in far enough and then you slide up under car and put a flat head screwdriver on the lip that sets on motor and smack it down into place, passenger side requires u to lift motor a couple inches as mentioned before, u undo motormount on passenger side and losen the drivers side one as you can just tilt it to fit the header in, I did not have enough confidence to deal with lifting motor myself so I had someone else do it for me with cost me a lot of money but everything is done and welded up now it's all good and if I'm not mistaken u can reuse your factory stainless steel gaskets as the pacesetter headers are very smooth and flat so it should work, I got some of those perceys dead soft aluminum header gaskets and the seal off wonderfully, AM should do the tune for you if u ask them to turn off egr, just be sure that you mention "egr deleted" in comment section when you go to order the tuner, the only thing I don't like about my pacesetters is that the drivers side header sits lower to the ground than the passenger side so it looks kinda funky from the front of car, and finally as for the cats I wouldn't get pypes as that is what I have, they are circles not ovals so they stick down further than they need to, get some other that are oval shaped and it will give you more clearance so you don't drag them whenever you go over a speedbump

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