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Ok ill check on that. I took it in to my friends shop and he said that the vacuum line connected to my CAI at the top was leaking a water/oil solution down into the CAI when my car was turned off and every time i start my car i am sucking that solution up? What would cause that line to leak?
While it was in the shop-
Had new thermo put in, Fuel filter, MAF cleaned, TB cleaned, Idle control was completely closed shut, and my PCV valve was ruined.

Drove it back and the car is not going anywhere near the hot zone anymore and is cooling when idling which is a plus. At times it still has a scattered idle. I think i am going to put the stock air intake on if i cant pinpoint what is making that line leak.


1995 3.8L Convertible

-True Duals(coming soon)
-Reverse glow gauges
- Searching for an 8.8 rear end
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