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1995 V6 Mustang - Various Questions (locks, column, seal)

1995 Ford Mustang Convertible 3.8l

Sorry for all in one thread but i thought it would be better than creating multiple.

Question number 1: Driver side door lock will not unlock with the key. It budges but if i try to hard the lock starts to separate from the door. My power locks take about 20 clicks of the button to get the lock to unlock. I have taken the door apart and examined it and everything is in contact. Is it time for a new set of locks?

Question number 2: The plastic actuator rod broke in my steering column. Is it necessary to pull the whole column to work on? If it is a techinically incline job, is it worth it to pay a mechanic? Should i just pull one from yard and what do you think is a good price range?

Question number 3: where can i find a new passenger side door seal? It is leaking when it rains and ruined the speaker.

Thanks for all the help

1995 3.8L Convertible

-True Duals(coming soon)
-Reverse glow gauges
- Searching for an 8.8 rear end
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