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Originally Posted by Ricter55 View Post
I have heard that to avoid/prevent engine damage that the car makers fudge the "red-line" by lowering it slightly? In other words, the engine can readily tolerate the occasional momentary venture into this range of rpms. How dangerous is it that my car shifts in the red-line zone at WOT? It doesn't stay there long, but the shift takes place in the red-line even with my BAMA street tunes. :?:
Being an engineer, I probably have a little different perspective on "stressing mechanical things" then some others. If you want to hear what the Ford engineers say about high RPM, this is what they said about extending the BOSS 302 engine red-line to 7500 RPM:

""What most people don't realize is that engine stresses increase exponentially as engine speeds rise," explains Harrison. "So moving up from GT's 7,000 rpm redline required significant re-engineering of many different parts. Sacrificing reliability and usability over the GT engine was never an option.""

The message is that the "reliability" will be effected by running over the red-line. May not fail the day you stress it, but it might fail the next day when you start it or maybe not ever. Reliability is all about "probabilities." The whole article is at:

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