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My Neighbor's 1995 V6 Mustang is Overheating

I just got a call from the neighbors asking me to come look at their 1995 manual transmission Mustang that overheated on them. When they checked the radiator there was no/very low fluild in it although they said the overflow bottle was at the correct level.

As it's a closed system they either never filled it correctly, it's going out the tail pipe or they have a leak somewhere.

The areas I'll are check are the radiator level, any leaks under the car and any antifreeze smell out of the tail pipe. Anything else I should look for? I'll go check it out in a couple hours.

Hopefully, they just never bled the system correctly however I have my doubts as they've been running it for over a year now. How suseptible are the heads on the 3.8 to warping?

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