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Originally Posted by Markstang690 View Post
are you saying you have an upgraded cam from stock? and wanna know how far you can push the rotating assembly before it self destructs?
Yes that is exactly what I am wanting to know. It is definitely making power up to redline and I need to know if it will stay together if pushed harder.

Thanks in advance for you input.

Originally Posted by shinerstang View Post
Stock 94-98's only make power to 5k primarily to do with small, single-port heads. 99's improved basically on the split-port design which involved more intake/exhaust volume......

Do not take a single-port past 5k rpm's. It will do you no good. You really need ported heads and intakes like Tom Jr to make real power.....

Maybe I should have stated some of the other modifications. There has been head and intake porting, 19 lb injectors, 56 MM throttle body and 3.5" cold air induction, as well as true dual exhaust and H-pipe. Dyno tune coming this Friday and 3.73 gears next month.

So I really just need to know what RPM the bottom end will safely handle.

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