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Sorry guys, that was a 5.0 reference. Forgot I was in the 3.7 section! I fail.

Originally Posted by Ricter55 View Post
Good to know, but confusing. I believe AM indicated my shift point was 7,000 rpm but if I remember correctly at that point the tach turns red even though the tach goes to 7500? So is Ford warning me at 7K that I have almost hit the actual redline of 7,500? If 7K IS the redline and the shift point is set to 7K aren't I shifitng in the red? :?: p.s. AM BAMA tunes really rock and wake up this lil 6er big-time!
Sometimes the problem with the tach is that it will bounce around a little too much. That's why you should really look at it datalogging. More than likely your redline is set to 7300, and your shift points are at 7000. However, we still need to make your MPH match the 7000 shift point.... sometimes wheels spin and other things factored in, it will shift within 100 rpm of where we ask it to. There's also the chance that your phone rep was wrong and your shift points are set to 7300 which is what I am gonna go with. If you PM me over your name, I can pull up the file and give you a definitive answer.

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