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Clutch Cable Slack After Clutch Kit Install

Just getting everything back together, and now the clutch cable has an inch or two of slack in it.

TOB was in pieces, and this is the first clutch I've ever done, but I believe it's in the fork properly, by the Haynes pictures. Car is an '02 V6, has 140k on it and original clutch, and I don't think cable was ever adjusted.

I tried the adjustment on it before I did the clutch kit, lifting up on the pedal until it clicked. Trying it after the install, which btw was just an Autozone kit, didn't do anything. Is the cable just probably stretched, or is something other possibly wrong? There wasn't the play in the pedal there is now before I did the install...

My girlfriend says that the clutch pedal stiffened up noticeably at least a year ago, followed later by squealing and then shrieking, that I assume to be the TOB and/or pilot bearing. So, maybe the original issue was cable related?

We're selling the car as soon as the decent weather is here, so don't want to replace anything I really don't need to. I'll just get a replacement cable, but I'm not as yet sure that's the problem.

Anyone got an idea of whereabouts the end of the fork should be sitting in relation to the inspection port when the front of the TOB is resting on the pressure plate fingers, before pedal engagement?

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