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2000 Mustang V6 gets p1309 code

Hello all, I am new here. I was searching code p1309 for my 2000 V6 mustang when I came across a couple of post relating to this code on the forum. I keep getting this code even after switching sparkplugs, wires, and coil pack making sure to reset the code after each replacement. I read on one of the post that it could be due to the cam positions sensor. I went ahead and purchased a new one, but wanted to get some info.

I read the sticky about replacing the entire assembly, but didn't think that would be necessary since I am not getting any of the whine sounds some people were getting with theirs.

My questions is, if I replace just the sensor would I have to make any adjustments to my motor? Such as making sure the cylinder #1 is @ TDC before plugging battery back in? Would I still need to disconnect the fuel pump fuse if just swapping the sensor? Thanks of any info in advanced, and thanks for the great info on the site.

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