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Originally Posted by vnicastro View Post
As you know, about 3 weeks ago I put on dual Spin Tech Pro Streets, without the H pipe. I also put in 4.10 gears with a T-Lock, the week after that. Well the 4.10s were alright, but on the highway at 70-75 was RPMing at 28-2900 RPM's, and the sound was somewhat whiney. So a couple of days ago, I had my muffler shop put in an H pipe. He just placed a 6-8 inch pipe between the exhausts pipes. Well what a difference. The sound is much deeper. But what surprised me even more was how the cars response changed! I gained more torque, and my RPM's decreased about 3-400 across the band. Now at 70 I'm at 2100-2200 RPM's. Don't hit 3000 RPM's until 80-85 MPH. Also the throttle response is much better, Just bolts off the line. These improvements were noticed immediately after the H pipe was installed. So for all you V6er's who are getting dual exhaust, I highly recommend an H pipe for your vehicle. there is something to that "evenly distributing the exhaust". Thanks, Vic
um i hate to inform you but changing the exhaust does not chage what speed you are going at a certain rpm, did you change out the gears too? you would have to have factory gears (3.27's) to be @ 70 for 2100rpms lol with 4.10's at that rpm you would be at about 56mph but the 3000rpm's is right for 80 mph

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