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Thumbs up Porting and polishing? Split port conversion? Which CAI?

I am in the process of modifying my 1994 v6 3.8 mustang.
The main thing I want to do that will increase bhp is getting my single port induction converted to split port induction. Now, taking into account I'm from England, I've heard it's not too difficult. I know I probably won't be able to do it myself!

Anyway could someone give me the low-down on what I need, how I do it and possibly somewhere where I can get the parts I need?

For instance, do I take the old single port induction out and replace it with the split port one?

Do I need to just take a split port induction out of a 1999+ mustang and fit it to mine?

How much would it all cost? And I might have to pay a garage to fit it like I said I'm not that good, I have some mates that know a thing or two about mechanics but how hard is it?

Also I've heard that you need to upgrade the intakes, manifolds upper and lower and the heads once you fit the split port induction? Is this true?

If so I was thinking, while I take the engine apart, of getting the intakes, manifolds and heads ported and polished? This I've been told adds alot of power too!

This leads me on to my next question, can I port and polish myself? How do I do it? How much would it cost for a garage to do it?

These are the main engine mods that I'm going to do to my mustang which should give me a nice gain of bhp I think!

P.s talking CAI's. Is there any difference between the $75 one and the BBK $150 one??


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