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2001 Mustang V6 to 2001 Mustang 4.6 Swap

For all those Sixxers out there that want to upgrade to the 4.6..

My Strength is in electrical,so my research on this has been time consuming, and i have already started my project..

This write up is based on the 2001 4.6 5spd into a 2001 3.8 5spd car..
if you are interested in doing this swap into a different year, let me know the year of the project car and donner, only years 98-04 4.6,

If you have a complete donner GT then that would be the best, if not this is what you will need....(want) I found a donner for $1300.00
Before you start, this isnt a swap for anyone that is NOT mechanically inclined or know a few things about vehicle wireing...

Easy: skill level 6/10 not for the noobies...

The vehicle will be turn key if you change these out from the donner car, or reflash from dealer will be necessary..
(1) GT gauge cluster..has immoblizer coded into it...
(2)Ignition switch with key, chip in key matches gauge cluster immobizer
(4)4.6 engine with harness
(5)manual trans(clutch cable cross member works from 3.8)
(6)8.8 rear end, stock 7.5 will work but upgrade...

The 00-02 mustangs v6 and v8 both have the same 104 pin pcm and connector, not sure if they are the same on the years before 00 and after 02, this write up in on a 2001.

Between the two engines, the engine harness has the same large square connector thats located in the corner of the passenger side fender, with a smaller sub connector.

All the pin outs on the 3.8 and the 4.6 PCM are identical, except the 3.8 is missing a few of the 4.6 engine controls, such as injectors #7 and #8 (missing) coil on plugs 2-8, ground, ECT, A/C high pressure control switch, and a few wires need to be swapped into other pin slots..

The bottom line is that its only 62 wires that run the 4.6 including A/C, and fan control (NOT COUNTING THE WIRES THAT RUN THE 4R70W), and 46 wires on the 3.8 are identical, wire color and pin outs, all you would need to do is over lay the remaining 16 wires, which might seem like a chore, but a little time and patents your done.. ALTHOUGH THE 3.8 AND THE 4.6 SHARE THE SAME PINS FOR THE 4R70W, So if running the auto, the engine/trans harness will be needed, plug and play...

The A/C lines will need changed from the 4.6 due to how the lines are formed, the heater hoses are the same that run into the fire wall, (2 quick disconnect fittings)
the radiators are the same, although the gt has a large external coolant resivour, that sits on top of the radiator, but the 3.8 will work. If im missing something please ask and i will add, its alot different to do it then to type it, lol
(1) the 4.6 and 5 spd will bolt right into the 3.8 chassis, no mods needed
(2) the 4.6 pcm plugs into the 3.8 harness, again 16 wires will need to be added,
(3)reflash pcm, or install gauge cluster, ignition switch and key that came from donner vehicle...

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