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Originally Posted by shinerstang View Post
It really sounds like one of those mental blocks like Metalman with the AODE yoke.

Let's see, We're trying to get Kirk's car running. We have been trying to get it started up and get some heat-cycling done before the dyno pulls. We're having a hard time because we changed the MAF and went to 39# injectors. She was flooding really bad, so we needed to change the tune a few times. Our dyno guy is 2 hours away, so we have been emailing tunes for adjustment back and forth. Then, of course, I have a real job. Anyway, hopefully this is the last tune I received so she'll fire up.

Henry will be here in 3 weeks, and we need to finish his car before he gets here so we can dyno it, then turn him loose on the track with it.

We also have 2 more cars coming in this Summer.

My car? Maybe somewhere in-between all this.
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