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1999 Rear Brake Rotor / Pads Excessive Wear

Hi all,

Lately I've been hearing a noise coming from the back of my car. It sounded like something was dragging, not lubricated... metal to metal. I was able to lift my car up this morning and found out that the rear brake pads are fine on the outside but are completely worn away on the inside (both sides of the rear). I checked the front and they are fine aswell.

My question is, what would cause this to happen? Is it normal that this occurs (insides wear away before outsides)? I always thought the front brakes were always the first to wear away too.

I'm going to need to replace them obviously, what kind of rotors / breaks would you suggest? (This is my daily driver, i'd like something that provides extended use) How will I know if I need new calipers too?

Thanks much!

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