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Originally Posted by TampaGTguy View Post
Want to know how to disable skip shift forever? Easy:

Don't drive like a frigging grandma! It's a damn Mustang GT for crying out loud! Put your foot on the gas pedal and rev that badboy up. I've seen the skip shift light 2 times since purchasing the car. And that was only because I wanted to see if this feature actually worked. Otherwise I never see it pop up. Why do you ask? Because I drive my stang like it was meant to be driven!

Who's with me?!!!!!!!

P.S. - no offense to those that want to pamper and keep their driving under 2500 RPM. I'm just not one of those guys.
Pretty hard to rev it and floor it when it's bumper to bumper traffic! And the people if front of you are going like 30km!! When I'm in that kinda traffic I get the skip shift every time I stop an start again! So annoying!
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