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2003 Mustang - Window will not roll down

I have heard numerous people complain about this and was wondering if anyone ever came up with a solution. My drivers side window will not roll down on occasion. It only does it when it is in the all the way up position. It is strange because I can hear the switch click, then the relay under the dash as well. I see the lights dim just a touch like the electrical system is having a strain put on it. This makes me believe that the motor is getting power to it. Slam the door really hard a couple times and it will suddenly start working. Never fails going back up. After I get it working, it will work fine rolling it up and down over and over. Then when it sits for a while, it will do it again. I have tried putting pressure on the window pushing it downwards to see if it was getting hung up, but it does not help at all. It seems to do it more when it gets warm outside. Like I said, I know others have had this problem and was wondering if someone finally figured this issue out.

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