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2004 Mustang Steering Rack Question

My daughter has a 2004 Mustang Convertible that was making a whining noise when she turned. We took it to the dealership in August of 2010 and they replaced the power steering pump. I got in the car to drive it home and the steering still whined. The tech rode with me and said it was more than likely the steering rack. After checking it out again, they confirmed that it needed to be replaced so $750 later I drove it home again. It still had a little noise but they said that some Mustang steering systems were just noisy.

Fast forward to today and I took her car in for brake problems. They called to give me the price on the brakes and then told me that the rubber fitting on the bottom of her steering rack was broken off and the rack would need to be replaced again. I asked how that could happen and they said she must have hit something and broke it off. She's a really careful driver and can't recall hitting anything that would be of that type impact. She did say she scraped bottom coming out of a steep convenience store parking lot exit but nothing that everyone doesn't do now and then. There are no other physical signs on the car of a large impact. Does the dealership's story sound plausible? Shouldn't a major vehicle component be able to stand up to general bumps in the road?

I'm wondering if we just had a faulty rack to begin with when they replaced it in August since it was still noisy afterwards. I don't know whether to push them on this issue or not so was looking for some input from someone who might know a little more about this than me. Thanks for any help.

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