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Originally Posted by davidcseifert View Post
'99-'04 Mustang Tire Sizes at - Free Shipping!
Here next time u get tires look at this it will give u A better look instead of ur car sitting nose high lol
It won't hurt ur speed is in the read tires, I know this because I have done a 60mph burnout without moving lmao

Btw look at the psi max on your tires before u add more air if they max at 44 I would not do more than 38-40 if they max at 51 like mine u can put 44 in them safely, I've gotten use to rougher ride since I hardly have passengers lol

It should help at 40 not a lot or anything but it will help

Ok thanks lol, yeah it is weird having the nose of my higher it kinda kills the look but what ever i got a good deal on the tires and rims lol,

Im only asking because i get like 12MPG in the city so im trying to make my tires proper to gain some MPG thanks
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