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Ok, I can finish this topic now. I had it done but outran the 30 minute limit so I lost the rest of the post.
So after the connector in the kick panel, the wire is fed from terminal 4 on the Generic Electronic Module, which is located under the dash on driver's side. That terminal also feeds the trunk light. So open the trunk and see if that lamp works. If not, suspect a bad GEM. If it works, the problem is between the GEM and the mirror, since the map/courtesy lamps don't work, as well as the vanities. So that brings us back to C206 connector.

The purpose of the GEM is to turn off the power to the aforememtioned lamps in case the trunk was left open, door left ajar, map light left on or vanity left open when the car is parked. There is a time delay for "off".
Oh, and now I see the courtesy lamps aka map lights, are also fed from a black/white stripe wire as a separate feed to them, and that wire is also in connector C206. So then that makes me ask, do the map/courtesy lamps work when you open the door? If not, that whole part of the GEM isn't working. I hope this info. steers you in the right direction.

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