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2000 Mustang V6 auto longevity

So I bought my v6 a little bit ago for $3800CAD @ 94k miles. It's in pretty good condition from what I can tell, other than some minor rust spots.

So my debate is whether to drop ~$1k into it for CAI, Exhaust, Tuner, etc. or just to save my money and buy a newer V8 later on. I love pushing mechanics to their limits, but my concern is dropping the money on it and then start to watch the whole car deteriorate.

Basically I have no intention on selling this car, I'll just drive it into the ground either way. My question is how long will it last realistically and will I get my fun out of the mods?

2000 Mustang V6 Automatic
- SCT Tuner; CAI; Single Flow 40s; T-Lok;
- Smoked Xenon Headlights; Spoiler Delete; Shorty Antennae, 10" Sub & Clarion Deck; Courtesy Lighting;
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