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yea those are some good questions ... i made a post like this a couple years ago and no one ever replied...i do have a friend who rebuilds wrecked mustangs , and he thought the v6 would be an excellent candidate for turbocharging . he thought that the stock fuel system would take care of it's self . something about it being a variable rate system . he had one with a bad regulator that built and held 90 lbs...obviously that car was flooding to death...but he thought it would deliver plenty enough for 10 lbs of you i have wanted to boost my 3.8 but i havnt heard of any one doing it , and im verry interested in seeing if anyone has any information to share here...P.S. I will talk to my brother tomorrow and get some of the pic's of the Turbo set up we made for his Conquest...It's a 5.0 with a 60mm Turbonetics charger

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