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Thanks for the info. Itís gone from bad to worse. I drove it today to work (about 5 miles) and its constant whinny noise while idling. Once the clutch is pushed in it screams until engaged back into a gear. The pedal now trembles just a little bit too. With our first little one on the way (kiddo) my wife wants to get another 4 door car. Although Iíve had my pony for 6 years and 50k later it may be time for an OEM quick fix until itís time for a new ride. If there was a road track near by it would be cool to keep as a toy but the only one nearby is about 1.5 hours away and really expensive. I'm taking it to a mech in the morning to get a quote. If his clutch is too expensive then Iíll find out the cost for labor and order one.

found these two. the second one looks a bit shady to me.

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