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I paid to have my passenger side window motor replaced while in college about 4 years ago. I'd do it myself now that I have time & the know-how.

Removing the door panel is pretty easy though. If you have a panel remover (car stereo install tool), wedge it into the top of the plastic panel that houses your window switches. Wiggle it gently until you can get fingers in there to pull it up & out. Unscrew the 2 screws holding the up/down window control switches to this panel. Also unsnap the connector housed behind your LH/RH side-mirrors control switch. Now you can completely remove this first panel.

There will be 1-2 long phillips head screws hidden behind this panel that secures the door panel to the door frame. Find & unscrew these screws.

Next, remove the plastic panel surrounding the interior door latch. Open the door from the inside & while holding the latch in the open position, push on the plastic panel form the inside until it pops out (insert fingers through the opening left by the window switch bezel that was removed earlier.

Next, unscrew the door-lock pin (turn counter-clockwise) at the top of the door.

Finally, grab the entire interior door panel. Lift up & pull out towards yourself with a lil bit of force. The entire panel should come off exposing your front speaker, door lock actuator, & window motor.

Buttoning it all back up is a lil bit of a PITA only because there are multiple tabs at the bottom of the door/panel that need to be aligned for the panel to line up correctly (this is why you had to pull up & out for removal). Once these tabs are aligned & snapped back into place, the panel will snap back on securely & will maintain a flush appearance. Reverse the steps for removal to re-install the remaining panels, switches & door lock pins.

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