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this is full of fail so far. there's a lot of work in it, and if you can't afford the tune, you can't afford/shouldn't be doing it. No tune is a surefire way to blow it up fast. You need something to increase your MAF range like a MAFia or the MAF VMP sells. You need bigger injectors, fuel pump (assuming you want more than like 2 psi). You need a wastegate, BOV, all hotside and coldside piping, and i'd recommend an intercooler. Then oil feed/drain lines. And you just need 2 o2 sensors pre turbo for best results, or that's what I've seen. And I'd get a wideband for after. If I didn't have one, I'd have blown mine almost immediately. You do have to modify the headers, not just flip them. Just off the top of my head, might be missing something.

I'm doing a TT build right now.
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