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Has anyone swapped a fox 5.0/302 into a 99-04 V6?

I've read a few threads on this subject and from what I've gathered it is fairly simple to drop it in and bolt it up to the stock motor mount locations.
I'm looking for someone who has done this swap before or a link to a descriptive thread so I can ask some questions.
I just want to know a few thing before I go through with the swap:

1) I know the T5 transmission works with the fox 5.0/302 but will I need a new bell housing?
2) Can I use the computer out of an OBD2 fox?
3) Is there any modification needed to the stock brake lines or anything else because I've heard of people swapping these engines then having to change a bunch of random things you would never link with an engine swap.

I have a friend who does a lot of odd engine swaps at her shop and she is going to give me a really cheap price on it because she is sponsoring the finished car.
I also work at an auto parts store and my friend gets shop discounts so getting odd parts isn't too expensive.
I already know that it makes more sense to just buy a V8 but that's not what I'm asking so don't tell me to do it.


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