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Originally Posted by robb15033 View Post
The last part of your post says "its not a GT"- No its not but your V6 can be modified to out perform a GT and a lot more. An entire book can be written on what you can do. Take a look at all of the "stickys" that describe many ways to get yourself moving down the road in a quick way.
Dude.... you can modify a Geo Metro to outperform a GT if you have enough money.

The sticky is just starter mods that will not get you outperforming GTs....... as Redlyr just stated. He did all of them and was only running with 96-98 GTs which were the slowest GTs out of 87- now BTW

Gonna take any one of these:
1. NOS
2. Heads, cam, intake
3. Boost
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